High quality production ready drum samples. 

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Deep Premium Vol. 1

Essential Drum Sample Pack featuring ~600 one shot samples created while working on tracks and templates (deep house, chill, trap, techno, future bass) for These drum sounds are also part of several tracks released by Francois on indie labels such as Parquet Recordings, Jannowitz Records and major labels like Universal Music. 

400+ high quality one shot samples

The package contains around 400 samples, including claps, snares, open and closed hihats, rides, effects, percussive elements and kicks.

Processed & Unprocessed

You're offered you the choice between dry and processed samples (eqed, reverbed, etc). Therefore, snares, shakers, cymbals, claps and percussives are available in two versions.

Huge Ableton project file included

Together with the drum samples, you're also getting an Ableton Project containing 8 groups of different drum loop styles and their midis - made with Deep Premium only. You can use those groups as starting point for your productions or inspiration.

Start producing your favorite style

Deep Premium Vol.1 is put together to offer you the ability of producing various styles like deep house, melodic techno, chillstep, trap or hip-hop. We focussed on maintaining a rather organic feel of the samples.

Great content, 24bit processed

68 Closed Hihats
24 Open Hihats
50 Claps
12 Cymbals
96 Percussive Elements
14 Rides
16 Shakers
18 Snares
15 Kicks
11 Toms
14 FX Sounds

Midis included - full flexibility

To kick-start your drum production, there are pre produced MIDI loops included in the attached Ableton project. You can select between 8 different loop styles and start producing with full flexibiliy.

Audio Preview: